WTF:  What the...Facebook


Meganauts and other fans of Dance Radio Post know we always try to be transparent and give it to you straight.  Facebook here we are.

As we said before, Facebook easily wins the award for the richest company with the worst software.  When we tried to login to our Facebook account in October 2020—the first time from a desktop computer in seven months—we kept getting an error message.  After a week or so, we somehow landed on some Facebook business advertising plan page.  And we’re still having trouble accessing our account from a desktop in 2021.  Yes, we have tested this using computers outside of our office.

Since our region of California went into lockdown in March 2020, we’ve been logging in to Facebook from a smartphone, which presents a different set of issues.  For one thing we learned Facebook no longer supports Notes (we don’t recall the company sending out any notification about its demise).  So we’re forced to use Posts instead of Notes when we want to publish something on Facebook.  We've also had to switch between the mobile version and the desktop version of Facebook to get around other problems.  Facebook's mobile app may work better on a smartphone, but no one should have to download yet another mobile app for no good reason.  Facebook is not banking software.

The bottom line is we can’t post anything from a desktop and it’s unfeasible to publish anything more than a few lines using a smartphone.  So we have no choice but to create this page on our own site as a way to post items we used to publish on Facebook.  Check this page the same way you used to visit our Facebook page.  The URL or page handle is easy to remember (for people familiar with North American English anyway).  You’ll also find the link to this page on our home page.  See future notes below.


Megamix Highlights [June 8]

Here are the latest adds for the week.


Audien - Learn to Love Again
Galantis, David Guetta & Little Mix - Heartbreak Anthem
Illenium With Valerie Broussard & Nurko - Sideways
King Topher & Munnday - Pressure

Bonus Tracks

Ampersounds - Technopera
Bakermat - Ain't Nobody
Calvin Harris - By Your Side
Henri PFR & CMC$ - Faith
Lamour - Physical Layer
Zara Larsson - Right Here
MO - Live to Survive
Sigrid - Mirror
Solomun - Never Sleep Again
Tokimonsta - Say Yes


On the Fence is back!  These are songs that may be added in the future.

Gaspard Auge & Justice - Force Majeure
Camden Cox - Under the Water
Eagles & Butterflies - Rebel
Firebeatz - Show the Way
Less Foss & Franky Wah - Name of Love
Godlands - My Weakness
Icarus - Moment in Time
Jauz & Haliene - Oceans & Galaxies
Lane 8 - Is This Our Earth?
Moodshift - Heartless
Rain Man - Still Young
Saint Motel - It's All Happening
Vicetone - Somebody Like You

For more details, go to our Megamix page.


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