U.S. Dance Radio Hits

The following is a survey of the most popular songs played on dance radio since 2001.  Check out the Music Menu in the sidebar column.  And scroll down to see the Megamix Vault Menu.










U.S. Dance Radio Hits

The following is a survey of the most popular songs played on dance radio since 2001.  Check out the Music Menu in the sidebar column.  And scroll down to see the Megamix Vault Menu.












Megamix 2010


Artist [Alternate Name] [Country] Title (Radio Mix) [Key Lyrics] [Vocal ID] [Play]

Above & Beyond Presents OceanLab [UK] Lonely Girl (Radio Edit, Ercola Remix Edit) [Come back] []
Agnes [Agnes Carlsson] [SE] I Need You Now (Cahill Radio Edit) [Don’t turn away]
Agnes [SE] On and On (UK Radio Edit) [This love I feel for you] []
Christina Aguilera Not Myself Tonight (Chus & Ceballos Radio)
Alphabeat [DK] Hole in My Heart (Wideboys Stadium Radio Edit Remix) [You turn me upside down] [+M] []
AnnaGrace [BE] Love Keeps Calling (Radio Edit, Basto! Impression) [My heart] []
Steve Aoki Featuring [[[Zuper Blahq]]] I’m in the House (Clean Radio Edit) [M] []
Aquene Featuring Debra [?] Free the Night (Original Radio Edit) [Until the sun comes up] []
ATB [Andre Tanneberger] [DE] Could You Believe (Airplay Mix, NY A&T Nights Mix) [Don’t stop] []
Axwell Featuring Errol Reid [Axel Hedfors] [SE] Nothing But Love (Radio Edit, Remode, Classic Mix) [For you] [M] []

Bailey Featuring Jodie Connor [Daz Bailey] [UK] Higher State (Radio Edit) [Somehow you wipe my tears away]
Basshunter [Jonas Altberg] [SE] Saturday (Digital Dog Radio Edit, Almighty Edit) [Tonight] [+M] []
Kaci Battaglia Featuring Ludacris Body Shots (Dave Aude Radio Edit, WAWA Radio Edit) [Drink it up] [+M]
Natasha Bedingfield [UK] Touch (Radio Edit) [When we dance]
Benny Benassi Featuring Kelis, apl.de.ap and Jean-Baptiste [IT] Spaceship (I Can Fly Radio Edit, EDX Radio Edit) [Get high] [+M] []
The Black Eyed Peas Imma Be (DJ Dan Remix, Wolfgang Gartner Remix) [+M]
The Black Eyed Peas [vs. Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock] Rock That Body (Chris Lake Remix) [I wanna dance, I wanna dance in the light] [+M]
The Black Eyed Peas The Time (Dirty Bit) (Liam Keegan Radio Edit) [I’ve had the time of my life] [+M]
B.o.B Featuring Bruno Mars [Bobby Ray Simmons] Nothin’ on You (Lenno Electro House Remix) [Beautiful girls] [M]
B.o.B Featuring Hayley Williams Airplanes (Dark Intensity Remix) [Shooting stars] [+M]
J Brazil [Yosef Brazil] Girl I’m Tryin’ (Weekend Radio Edit) [To have fun] [M]
BT [Brian Transeau] Suddenly (Cicada 7” Mix) [And I love it when you fall to me] [M] []
Michael Buble [CA] Haven’t Met You Yet (Jason Nevins Radio Edit, Cutmore Single Edit) [M]

Carefree [Cansis/Hanno Lohse?] [DE?] Broken Strings (Sebo Reed Addiction Radio Edit, Cansis Radio Edit) [+M] []
Cascada [DE] Fever (Radio Edit) [I just can’t get enough] []
Cascada [DE] Pyromania (Radio Edit, Spencer & Hill Airplay Mix, Wideboys Radio Edit) []
Celia [Cristina Socolan] [RO] My Story (Accordion Radio Edit, Deekly Club Mix, Mike Namara Mix, Richard Grey Remix) [Caught in a prison of your lies] []
Charice Featuring Iyaz [Charmaine Pempengco] [PH] Pyramid (Dave Aude Radio Edit) [+M]
Eric Chase [Achim Jannsen] [DE] Love Comes Around [Pretty little thing] [M] []
Chicane Featuring Natasha Bedingfield [Nicholas Bracegirdle] [UK] Bruised Water (Michael Woods Radio Edit) [I bruise easily] []
Ciara Featuring Ludacris [Ciara Harris] Ride (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Radio Edit) [They love the way I ride it] [+M]
Antoine Clamaran [FR] Gold (Original Radio Edit, Thomas Gold Radio Edit, Hakimakli Remix Radio Edit) [Live it up to your dreams] []
Cheryl Cole [UK] Fight for This Love (Cahill Radio Edit)
Miranda Cosgrove Kissin U (Jason Nevins Radio Edit) [My senses come alive]
Tino Coury Diary (Groove Police Radio Mix, Roger Sanchez Radio Edit) [I read your diary] [M]
Crazy Love [IL-PT] Rumours (Radio Edit, Dada & Rui da Silva Ibiza Club Mix) [The time of my life] [M]
Taio Cruz [UK] Dynamite (StoneBridge Radio Edit, Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Remix, Dark Intensity Remix) [I throw my hands up in the air sometimes] [M]
Taio Cruz Featuring Ke$ha [UK] Dirty Picture (Dave Aude Radio Edit, Red Top Remix) [Snap] [+M]
Taio Cruz Featuring Ludacris [UK] Break Your Heart (Wideboys Radio Edit, Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Remix, Vito Benito FF Radio Remix) [M]
Romain Curtis & Seamus Haji Featuring Awa [FR/UK] I’ve Been Looking (Radio Edit) []

Damien S Featuring Femke [NL] Stars Collide (Original Radio Edit, Timothy Allan Remix Edit) [Dancing the night away with you] []
Deadmau5 Featuring Rob Swire [Joel Zimmerman] [CA] Ghosts N Stuff (Radio Edit) [I just wanna play it right/We’re gonna get there tonight] [M] []
Delerium Featuring Kreesha Turner [CA] Dust in Gravity (Nervo Radio Edit, Sultan & Ned Shepard Radio Edit) [I keep staring at the stars] []
Kat DeLuna Featuring Akon Push Push [Don’t stop for a minute] [+M]
Jason Derulo [Jason Desrouleaux] In My Head (Wideboys Radio Edit, Les Boyz Electro Radio Edit) [M]
DJ Ella [Elina Furmane] [LV] Shine Like a Superstar (7th Heaven Radio Remix) []
DJ Mog Featuring Sarah Lynn [UK] Somewhere (DJ Mog & Paul Kennedy Remix, Mark Le Sal Remix) [You’ll find me somewhere] []
Drake [Drake Graham] [CA] Find Your Love (DJ Vice & Riddler NY2LA Acid Remix, Mr. Singh Remix) [I better find your loving] [M]

Niamh Egan [IE] You’re the One (Radio Edit, Wendel Kos Edit) [Baby, you and me are meant to be together] []
Eminem Featuring Rihanna [Marshall Mathers] Love the Way You Lie (Dark Intensity Remix) [+M]
Example [Elliot Gleave] [UK] Won’t Go Quietly (Radio Edit, Wideboys Stadium Remix Edit, E.P.I.C. Radio Edit) [She’s electric] [M] []

Far*East Movement Featuring Cataracs & Dev Like a G6 (Cahill Radio Edit, Petros T. Remix, Full Tilt Remix, Disco Fries Remix, C-Rok RokCouture Herpes Remix) [+M]
Dennis Ferrer Hey Hey (Radio Edit, Friscia & Lamboy Remix) [I heard you say] []
Flanders [IT] Time (Vincenzo Callea Radio Mix) [Time has become my lie/I defend what I do] []
Flo Rida Featuring David Guetta [Tramar Dillard] Club Can’t Handle Me (Dark Intensity Radio Remix, Ridney Remix) [You know I know how] [M]
Jamie Foxx Featuring Justin Timberlake & T.I. [Eric Bishop] Winner [I feel like I can’t miss] [M]
Fragma [DE] Forever and a Day (Radio Mix) []
Livvi Franc [Olivia Waithe] [BB] Automatik (Smash Mode Radio, Wideboys Stadium Radio Edit) [Turn you loose]

Alex Gaudino [IT] I’m in Love (Radio Edit) [I wanna do it] [M] []
Alex Gaudino Featuring Maxine Ashley [IT] I’m in Love (I Wanna Do It) (Vocal Edit, Wideboys Remix) [I won’t let go] [+M] []
Get Far Featuring H-Boogie [Mario Fargetta] [IT] The Radio (DJ Ross & Alessandro Viale Edit, Get Far & Paolo Sandrini Radio Edit, Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix) [I’m sorry] []
Goldfrapp [UK] Rocket (Tiesto Radio Edit, Richard X One Zero Radio Edit, Grum Remix) [I got a rocket] []
Selena Gomez & The Scene Naturally (Dave Aude Radio Edit) [It comes naturally]
Selena Gomez & The Scene Round & Round (Dave Aude Radio Remix, 7th Heaven Radio Mix, Wideboys Remix) [Boy I need you here with me]
Wynter Gordon Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke Remix, Kim Fai Remix, Chew Fu Remix) [I am no angel] []
David Guetta Featuring Akon [FR] Sexy Chick [Damn girl] [M] []
David Guetta Featuring Estelle [FR] One Love (Radio Edit) [Believe in you and me] []
David Guetta Featuring Kid Cudi [FR] Memories (Radio Edit, F*** Me I’m Famous Remix, Donaeo Remix, Armand van Helden Vocal Remix) [All the crazy s**t I did tonight] [M] []
David Guetta & Chris Willis Featuring Fergie & LMFAO [FR/US] Gettin’ Over You (Radio Edit) [+M] []

Haley [Haley Gibby] This Is How It Goes (Kaskade’s Grand Club Edit)
Hannah [Hannah Ild] [EE] I Believe in You (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit, Riffs & Rays Radio Edit, Fred Falke Club Mix) [You and I gonna break the rules] []
Calvin Harris [Adam Wiles] [UK] Flashback (Radio Edit) [Why can’t I realize] [+M] []
Calvin Harris [UK] You Used to Hold Me (Edit, Laidback Luke Remix) [M] []
Lauren Hildebrandt Underneath (Josh Harris Radio, Mike Bordes Club) [The wrapper]
Hyper Crush Keep Up (Tony Arzadon Remix) [Spin me like a record] [+M]

Enrique Iglesias Featuring Pitbull [ES] I Like It (Jason Nevins Radio Edit, Cahill Radio Edit, Static Revenger Radio Edit, DJ Chuckie Radio Edit, Avicii Remix) [The way you move on the floor] [M]
Inna [Elena Apostoleanu] [RO] Hot (U.S. Radio Edit, Riffs & Rays Radio Edit) [You belong to me] []
Inna [RO] Love (Play & Win Radio Edit, DJ Andi Remix) [You take me round and round] []
Inna [RO] 10 Minutes (Play & Win Radio Edit) [Shake your body] []
Iyaz [Keidran Jones] [VG] Replay (Jason Nevins Radio Edit, Donni Hotwheel Mixshow) [Shorty’s like a melody in my head] [M]
Iyaz [VG] Solo (Cahill Radio Edit) [I don’t want to walk this earth] [M]

Jameerah [NL-DE-BE] All Eyes on Me (Dance Remix Edit, Bassmonkeys Radio Edit) [Pay attention to me]
Janet [Janet Jackson] Make Me (Moto Blanco Radio Edit) [Don’t stop till you get it up]
Jes [Jes Brieden] Closer (Loverush UK! Radio Edit, Bimbo Jones Radio Edit, CoCo Channel Radio Edit) [I know where your soul’s been] []
Jes Lovesong (Radio Edit) [I will always love you] []
Alexis Jordan [vs. Deadmau5] Happiness (Radio Edit, Wideboys Radio Edit, Jump Smokers Radio Edit) [Hurry, hurry, hurry/…/Through strength I found love]
Jus Jack Featuring Matina Parisi [Jack Trantides] You Know (Falling) []

Kaskade Featuring Dragonette [Ryan Raddon] Fire in Your New Shoes (Sultan & Ned Shepard Electric Daisy Remix) []
Kaskade Featuring Haley Dynasty (Radio Edit) [We all have given up/We all have taken up] []
Kaskade & Seamus Haji With Haley [US/UK] So Far Away (Kaskade Radio Edit) [Live for the night]
Kelis [Kelis Rogers] Acapella (David Guetta Radio Edit) [Before you]
Kerima [Kerima Holm] [SE] This Night (Klubjumpers Radio Edit) [Keep on moving]
Ke$ha [Kesha Sebert] Take It Off (Billboard Remix, Jake Walmsley 2010 Electro Remix) [There’s a place downtown]
Ke$ha Tik Tok (Fred Falke Radio Edit, Chuck Buckett’s Veruca Salt Remix) [Don’t stop]
Ke$ha We R Who We R (Fred Falke Radio Edit, Liam Keegan Radio Edit) [DJ, turn it up]
Ke$ha Your Love Is My Drug (Dave Aude Radio Mix, Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)
Ke$ha Featuring 3OH!3 Blah Blah Blah (DJ Skeet Skeet Radio Remix) [+M]
Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber [Kisean Anderson] [US/CA] Eenie Meenie (Ruff Loaderz Radio Edit) [Give me the night] [M]

La Roux [UK] Bulletproof* (Dave Aude Cherry Mix Edit, Manhattan Clique Remix Radio, Razor and Guido Radio Edit) [This time baby] []
Lady Antebellum Need You Now (Jason Nevins Elektrotek Radio Edit, Dark Intensity Remix) [It’s a quarter after one] [+M]
Lady Gaga [Stefani Germanotta] Alejandro* (Bimbo Jones Remix, Dave Aude Remix, Dark Intensity Remix) [Don’t call my name]
Lady Gaga Featuring Beyonce Telephone* (Alphabeat Radio Edit, Kaskade Radio Edit, DJ Dan Vocal Remix) [Stop calling]
Laidback Luke Featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn [Lucas van Scheppingen] [NL] Till Tonight (Radio Edit) [Open up your arms] [M] []
Laidback Luke & Gregor Salto Featuring Mavis Acquah [Gregor van Offeren] [NL] Step by Step (Big Room Radio Edit, Abel Ramos Remix) [Higher ground] []
Adam Lambert If I Had You (Radio Mix, Jason Nevins Radio Mix, Morgan Page Radio Edit, Craig Vanity vs. Almighty Mash) [M]
Adam Lambert Whataya Want From Me (Fonzerelli Electro House Radio Mix, Jason Nevins Electrotek Mix) [M]
Bastien Laval Featuring Layla [FR] Restlessness (Radio Edit, Wendel Kos Edit, Filter Factory Disco Massive Club Vocal) [The world goes round and round] []
Leggz Featuring Stephanie [Dave Longmore] [UK] La La La (Radio Edit) [Here comes that song again] []
Blake Lewis Heartbreak on Vinyl (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) [I waited for you at the record shop] [M] []
Little Boots [Victoria Hesketh] [UK] Remedy (Radio Edit, Kaskade Radio Edit, Wideboys Radio Edit, Avicii Radio Edit) [Dance with the enemy] []
Kimberley Locke Strobelight (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Radio Edit, Ray Roc & Gabe Ramos Remix)
Longo & Wainwright Featuring Craig Smart [Ian Longo & Jay Wainwright] [UK] One Life Stand (Radio Edit, Ian Carey Remix) [Take me away] [M] []
Luxe Simple Attraction (Club Mix) [Here in the dark] [M] []

Madonna Featuring Lil Wayne [Madonna Ciccone] Revolver* (Madonna vs. David Guetta One Love Version, Paul van Dyk Remix) [Do you wanna die happy] [+M]
Maniacalm Featuring Lala [Damian Major] Never Forget You (DJ D-Major Radio Mix, Mike Bordes Radio Mix, Richard Grey Strictly Power Mix) [No matter how I try] []
Maroon 5 Misery (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit, Diplo Put Me out of My Misery Mix) [M]
Bruno Mars [Peter Hernandez] Just the Way You Are (Skrillex Batboi Remix, IRJ Remix, WestFunk & Steve Smart Remix, C-Rok RokCouture Remix, Carl Louis & Martin Danielle Radio Mix) [You’re amazing] [M]
Matisse Featuring Akon [Brittany Smith] Better Than Her (DiscoTech Radio Edit, Jason Nevins Radio Edit, Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Remix, Riddler Remix) [+M]
Sophia May [Sophia Hurst] [UK] Come Back (Digital Dog Radio Edit) [Another day]
Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina [Eduard Marian Ilie] [RO] Stereo Love (Radio Edit, Molella Remix Radio Edit, Paul & Luke Radio Edit, Digital Dog Radio Edit) [When you’re gonna stop breaking my heart/…/I hate to see you cry] [+M] []
M’Black [Matt Schwartz] [IL] Heartbreak (Original Radio Edit, M’Black Radio Edit) [This is how my heart breaks]
Jesse McCartney Shake (Jump Smokers Remix Radio Edit) [She just wanna shake] [M]
Travie McCoy Featuring Bruno Mars Billionaire (Dark Intensity Remix, Fifth Column V Remix) [M]
Medina [Andrea Valbak] [DK] You and I (Radio Edit, Deadmau5 Remix, Dash Berlin Vocal Remix) [There is no longer you and I] []
Michael Mind Project [DE] How Does It Feel (Radio Edit, Dutch Mix Edit) [Lessons learned] [M] []
Kylie Minogue [AU] All the Lovers (WAWA & MMB Anthem Remix, Dada Life Remix)
Kylie Minogue [AU] Get Outta My Way (7th Heaven Radio Edit, Bimbo Jones Club Remix Radio Edit, Sidney Samson Remix)
Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick Featuring Shawnee Taylor [US/DE] Live Your Life (Chuckie Remix) [Have it all] []

Nelly [Cornell Haynes] Just a Dream (Riddler Remix, 8Barz Remix, Jason Parker Club Mix) [M]
Neon Trees Animal (Smash Mode Radio Edit, DJs From Mars Remix, WestFunk & Steve Smart Remix, 8Barz Remix, Kaskade Remix, Yes Giantess Remix) [Take a bite of my heart tonight/…/Say goodbye to my heart tonight] [M]
Ne-Yo [Shaffer Smith] Beautiful Monster (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Remix Edit, Tony Moran Mix) [I don’t mind] [M]
Noel G. Featuring Adam Joseph [Noel Glez] Can’t Stop (Carefree Radio Edit, Loverush UK! Radio Edit) [Broken heart] [M] []

Obsessiv Featuring Sophia May [Chris Dececio] [UK] I Will Never Give You Up (Bellatrax Summer Radio Edit) []
OneRepublic All the Right Moves (Dave Aude Radio Edit) [We’re going down] [M]
Orianthi [Orianthi Panagaris] [AU] According to You (The Jason Sangerman Remix)

Morgan Page Strange Condition (Inpetto Radio Edit)
Katy Perry [Katy Hudson] Firework (Wideboys Radio Edit, Liam Keegan Remix, Dark Intensity Remix, Jump Smokers Club Radio Edit) [Baby, you’re a firework]
Katy Perry Teenage Dream (Kaskade Radio Mix, Dave Aude Radio Mix, Funk3d Remix, Vandalism Remix, Liam Keegan Remix) [Don’t ever look back]
Katy Perry Featuring Snoop Dogg California Gurls* (Manhattan Clique Edit, C-Rok RokCouture Club Remix, Dark Intensity Remix) [Daisy Dukes] [+M]
Pink [Alecia Moore] Raise Your Glass (Liam Keegan Radio Edit, DJ Vice & Riddler Radio Edit, Funk3d Remix)
Pitbull Featuring Akon [Armando Perez] Shut It Down [Can’t nothing hold me down] [M]
Mike Posner Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Radio Edit, Hey Champ Remix, Skeet Skeet Remix) [M]
Mike Posner Please Don’t Go (8Barz Remix, Hype Jones & Pierce Fulton Damn She’s Bad Remix) [Tick tock] [M]
Lucas Prata Remember (La Di Da) (Valentin Radio Edit) [M]

Dana Rayne Overload (Radio Edit, Buzz Junkies Edit) [The way you make me feel]
Carmen Reece [UK] Raindrop (Dave Aude Radio Remix) [I’m falling]
Reina [Lori Goldstein] Just Let Go (Radio Edit, Jupiter Ace Edit, Paul Wonder Alarm Edit) [Out on the dance floor]
Remady Featuring Manu-L [Marc Wurgler] [CH] Give Me a Sign (Radio Edit, DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark Radio Edit, Niels van Gogh Radio Edit) [M] []
Remady P&R [CH] No Superstar (Full Vocal Radio Mix) [I ain’t no superstar] [M] []
Rihanna [Rihanna Fenty] [BB] Only Girl (In the World) (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Radio Mix, Bimbo Jones Radio Edit, Rosabel’s Only Radio Edit in the World, Liam Keegan Radio Mix, C-Rok RokCouture Remix)
Rihanna [BB] Rude Boy (Wideboys Radio Edit, Low Sunday Remix, Chew Fu Bumbaclot Fix) [Can you get it up]
Rihanna Featuring Drake [BB] What’s My Name? (Kik Klap Radio Edit, Low Sunday up on It Radio Edit) [+M]
Rihanna Featuring Jeezy [BB] Hard (Jody den Broeder Radio Edit, Jump Smokers Radio Edit) [So hard] [+M]
Robyn [Robin Carlsson] [SE] Dancing on My Own (Buzz Junkies Radio Edit, Fred Falke Radio Edit) []
Robyn [SE] Hang With Me (Avicii Radio Edit, Starsmith Edit) []
Ela Rose Featuring David Deejay [Cherejy Manuela] [RO] I Can Feel (Jyack Alls Remix) [I am falling, can’t keep falling] []
Kelly Rowland Featuring David Guetta Commander (David Guetta Radio Edit, Ralphi Rosario Remix, Chuckie & Neve Remix) [I’ll be your commander] []

Samantha [Samantha Malmgren] [SE] U-Turn (Radio Edit) [You can burn] []
Sariah Deep N Luv (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Radio Mix) [Pull your credit card out]
Alex Sayz Featuring Evi [Alex Ghanati] [SE] Hate to Love (Original Radio Edit) []
School Gyrls Something Like a Party (Chew Fu Radio Edit) [La da da]
The Script [IE] Breakeven (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit, DJs From Mars Bootleg Remix) [I’m falling to pieces] [M]
Jay Sean Featuring Sean Paul & Lil Jon [Kamaljit Jhooti] [UK] Do You Remember (Ruff Loaderz Radio Edit) [Let’s bring it back] [M]
Shakira Featuring Dizzee Rascal [Shakira Ripoll] [CO] Loca (Freemasons Radio Mix) [I’m crazy but you like it] [+M]
Shontelle [Shontelle Layne] [BB] Impossible (Johnny Vicious Radio Edit, Riddler Remix)
Sia [Sia Furler] [AU] Clap Your Hands (Fred Falke Radio) [You only get one chance] []
Trey Songz Featuring Fabolous [Trey Neverson] Say Aah [M]
Soul Seekerz [UK] Dancing on the Ceiling (Radio Edit, Nu Addiction Edit) [What a feeling]
Kim Sozzi Just One Day [Just give me one night and one day] []
Kim Sozzi Secret Love (Josh Harris Radio Edit, Stellar Project Radio Edit) [I can’t let go]
SpekrFreks Featuring L10 Music’s Got U (Radio Edit) [B-girls, b-boys] [M] []
Star Pilots [SE] In the Heat of the Night (UK Radio Edit) []
Stromae [Paul van Haver] [BE] Alors On Danse (Radio Edit, DJs From Mars Remix) [Alors on chante] [M-French] []
Stromae Featuring Kanye West & Gilbere Forte [BE] Alors On Danse (Nevins No Fog Horn Edit) [Throw your hands in the sky right now] [M+French]
Sun [Ho Yeow Sun] [SG] Fancy Free (Dave Aude Radio Edit)
Swedish House Mafia Featuring Pharrell [SE] One (Your Name) (Radio Edit) [I wanna know your name] [M] []

The Temper Trap [AU] Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix, Morgan Page Remix) [A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh] [M]
Tiesto Featuring C.C. Sheffield [Tijs Verwest] [NL] Escape Me (Radio Edit) []
Tiesto Featuring Tegan & Sara [NL] Feel It in My Bones (Radio Edit) []
Timbaland Featuring Justin Timberlake [Timothy Mosley] Carry Out (Chew Fu No MSG Fix Remix, Julien Creance Remix) [Take my order] [M]
The Ting Tings [UK] Hands (Radio Edit, Ralphi Rosario Radio Edit, Tommie Sunshine 5 AM Mix) [Clap your hands] []
Sylvia Tosun Above All (Original Radio Edit) [Rise up to a place/…/Something to believe] []
Train Hey, Soul Sister (Karmatronic Radio Remix) [M]

Ultimate [Morlon Greenwood] It’s My Birthday [+M]
Ultimate Take Me There [I want you to take me there] [M]
Usher Featuring Pitbull [Usher Raymond] DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love* (Jump Smokers Radio Mix) [M]
Usher Featuring will.i.am OMG (Almighty Radio Mix, Disco Fries Remix) [There’s so many ways to love ya] [M]
Utada [Hikaru Utada] Dirty Desire (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit)

Armin van Buuren Featuring Jennifer Rene [NL] Fine Without You [I’ve given you everything] []
Armin van Buuren Featuring VanVelzen [NL] Broken Tonight (Radio Edit) [Can you stay here for a while] [M] []
Armand van Helden + A-Trak Present Duck Sauce [Alain Macklovitch] [US-CA] Anyway (Radio Edit) [Time after time/…/I can do it anyway that you want it] [M] []
Veronica [Mayra Veronica Rodriguez] If You Wanna Fly (Funk Generation Radio Edit, Mr. Mig Radio Mix) [I’ll take you for a ride]
Alessandro Viale Featuring Vaanya Diva [IT] Sweet Little Thing (DJ Ross & Paul Sander Edit Mix)
Richard Vission & Static Revenger Starring Luciana [Richard Gonzalez/Dennis White] I Like That (Radio Edit, Dave Aude Trip Remix) [Rock the rhythm] []

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP [vs. Renato Carosone] [Duncan MacLennan] [AU] We No Speak Americano (Vocal Radio Edit, Chew Fu Rosetta Stone Radio Edit, Dirty Secretz Remix, Alvaro Rework) [Pa pa l’Americano] [M-Italian] [
Young Money Featuring Lloyd Bedrock (Dark Intensity Remix) [Call me Mr. Flintstone] [+M]


Bonus Tracks


 Bonus Tracks 2010


Artist [Alternate Name] [Country] Title (Radio Mix) [Key Lyrics] [Vocal ID] [Play]

Christina Aguilera [B] [C] You Lost Me (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Remix Radio Edit) [You couldn’t keep your hands to yourself]
Akon [Aliaune Thiam] [B] Angel [She got that whole place blowing] [M]
Matt Alber [A] End of the World (Morgan Page Pop Remix) [I don’t wanna fall, I don’t wanna fly] [M]
Nadia Ali [A] Fantasy (Tritonal Air up There Radio Edit, Morgan Page Radio Edit) [So stay away from me] []
AnnaGrace [BE] [A] Celebration (Radio Edit, Nash & Pepper vs. Erik Lake Remix) [Dance now on the floor] []
Aqua [DK] [A] Back to the 80’s (Radio Edit) [Those were the days] [+M] []
Aroma Featuring Katerina [Raf Marchesini?] [IT] [A] The Children of Piraeus (Original Easy Cut, Raf Marchesini & Max B Remix Radio Edit) [You can kiss me…/…/Never on a Sunday] []
ATB [Andre Tanneberger] [DE] [A] A New Day
Dave Aude & David Garcia Featuring Sisely Treasure [A] Dancin’ Circles (Radio Mix) [Come on beat get moving] []
Avicii & Sebastien Drums [vs. Gwen McCrae] [Tim Bergling/Sebastien Aumiphin] [SE/FR] My Feelings for You (Radio Mix) [Have always been real] []

Lorenzo Ballerini DJ [IT] [A] Tribute (Original Radio) [M-vocalizing]
Bananarama [UK] [A] Love Comes (Radio Edit, Wideboys Remix) [In a heartbeat]
Basement Jaxx Featuring Sam Sparro [UK] [A] Feelings Gone [Tell me] [M] []
Andy Bell [UK] [A] Will You Be There? (Seamus Haji Big Love Radio Edit) [I’ve been searching around the world] [M] []
BenDJ [T. Ben Abdallah] [IT] [B] Smile [All we need is a smile] []
Bentu de Soli [RO] [A] Pearls of Summer [Take you high] [M] []
Justin Bieber [CA] [B] Somebody to Love [I don’t need too much] [M]
Bimbo Jones [UK] [A] Freeze (Bimbo Jones 2009 Radio Edit, Piano Mix) [One, two, three, on the road again]
Blank & Jones With Cathy Battistessa [Jan Blank & Rene Runge] [DE] [A] Miracle Man (Radio Version) [Inside out]
Blaqk Audio [A] Bon Voyeurs [Who cares who’s watching you] [M] []
Bologna Connection [IT?] [A] Together Forever (Radio Edit) [Vocalizing] []
Boys Like Girls Featuring Taylor Swift [B] Two Is Better Than One (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit) [+M]
Toni Braxton [A] Hands Tied (Hex Hector Radio Edit)
V.V. Brown [Vanessa Brown] [UK] [B] Shark in the Water (Static Revenger Radio Edit, Space Shuttle Remix)
Alexandra Burke Featuring Pitbull [UK] [A] All Night Long (Cahill Club Mix) [Tell the DJ] [+M]
BWO [Bodies Without Organs] [SE] [A] Right Here Right Now (Radio Edit, Oscar Holter Radio Mix, Myon & Shane 54 Remix) [Talking about love] [M] []
BWO [Bodies Without Organs] Featuring Velvet [SE] [A] Right Here Right Now (Radio Edit, Cahill Edit) [Talking about love] [+M]

Junior Caldera Featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor [Jerome Dumas] [FR] [A] Can’t Fight This Feeling (Junior Caldera Remix Radio Edit, Soundshakerz Radio Edit) [We should be lovers] []
Ian Carey Featuring Charlotte Henry [A] Shot Caller (Radio Edit, Vandalism Remix) [I need a shot caller] []
Sandy Chambers [UK] [A] Cloud No. 9 (Favretto Edit Remix) [I wish it wasn’t love tonight]
The Chemical Brothers [UK] [A] Escape Velocity [I] []
Chicane [vs. Paul Young] [Nicholas Bracegirdle] [UK] [A] Come Back [Stay for good this time] [M] []
Chicane [vs. Gary Numan] [UK] [A] Hiding All the Stars [You can say what you want] []
Chromeo [CA] [A] Don’t Turn the Lights On (Christian Martin Remix) [M] []
Romeo Cooper [Romeo Aichino] [IT] [A] C’est Dure [French]
Ida Corr [DK] [A] In the Name of Love (Radio Edit) [I’m setting you free]
Cosmosound Featuring Nekk [John Efthimiou] [GR] [A] I’d Love to Change the World (Rivaz Radio Edit) [Freaks and hairies/Dykes and fairies] [M]
Paul Couture [A] Johnny Vegas [I got my money, I got my bank roll] [M] []
Crystal Castles [CA] [A] Baptism [This is your baptism] []
Crystal Castles [CA] [A] Celestica (Single Mix, Dave Dresden Remix, Alcala Remix) [Follow me into nowhere] []
The Crystal Method Featuring Emily Haines [A] Come Back Clean (Kaskade Remix Edit) [In the backseat] []
C-Zanne [Cezanne Bergmans] [BE] Perfect Storm (New Radio Edit) []

Dada Life [SE] [A] Cookies With a Smile (Radio Edit) [We want to put it in your mouth] [M] []
Damien S Featuring Lee Thomas [NL] [A] Long Lost Summer Love (Stereojackers Remix) [Take me back] [M]
Dance Nation [NL] [A] Great Divide (Radio Edit) [Will you be the one tonight] [+M] []
Dangerous Muse [A] I Want It All (Blazing Lazer Mix, Big White Ego Mix, Automatic Panic vs. DJ Cat NYC Remix, Jake Shanahan & C-Marce Remix) [You can’t keep giving me more] [M] []
Darius & Finlay Featuring Nicco [AT] [A] Hold On (Video Edit) [In my arms] [M] []
Dash Berlin Featuring Emma Hewitt [Jeff Sutorius] [NL] [A] Waiting (Radio Edit) [So far away] []
Dedalena [Gabriella De Fazio] [IT] [A] Dreamin Moon* (Andy Harding Radio Edit) [Nightmare] []
Kat DeLuna [B] Be There
Depeche Mode [UK] [A] Peace (Single Version, Dash Berlin Remix) [Will come to me] [M]
Jason Derulo [Jason Desrouleaux] [B] Ridin’ Solo (7th Heaven Radio Edit, Jump Smokers Mix) [M]
Digital Dog [UK] [A] Firing Line [M] []
Dirty South Featuring Rudy [vs. Nilsson] [Dragan Roganovic] [AU] [A] Phazing (Original Radio Edit) [A million miles away] [M] []
DJ Dan & Uberzone Featuring Blake Lewis [Daniel Wherrett/Timothy Wiles] [B] Operator (DJ Dan & Mike Balance Disco Funk Radio Mix) [This is an emergency] [M] []
DJ Earworm [vs. The Black Eyed Peas et al.] [Jordan Roseman] [A] [B] United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop) [+M] []
DJ Rafael M. [A] Aftertouch* [I]
DJ Sammy [Samuel Bouriah] [ES] [A] Feel the Love (Radio Edit) []
DJ Shog [Sven Greiner] [DE] [A] I Finally Found (Uplifting Edit) [That place in me] [M] []
Dragonette [CA] [A] Volcano [We keep going going/…/See the sky explode] []
Jenna Drey [B] Girlz Night Out (Andy Harding Dance Radio Remix)
Lauren Dyson [UK] [B] V.I.P. (Radio Edit, Electric Allstars Edit) [They drive their fancy cars]

Editors [UK] [A] Papillon (Tiesto Remix) [It kicks like a sleep twitch] [M] []
Editors [UK] [A] You Don’t Know Love (Tom Middleton Remix) [M] []
Edun [Alice Edun] [IT] [B] My Love Is Here for You (Radio Edit)
Electro Blues [IT] [A] Deborah’s Theme (Electro Blues Jet Set Radio Edit) [I]
Katherine Ellis & Addict DJs [UK/FR] [A] I’m Coming Out (Radio Edit, Addict DJs Dark Radio Edit) [Keep on pushing]
Sophie Ellis-Bextor [UK] [A] [B] Bittersweet [Your love is bittersweet] []
Endigo [Stephan Endemann] [DE] [A] Werewolf (Radio Edit, Comiccon Remix Edit, Red-Mind Remix Edit) [I]
Estelle Featuring Kardinal Offishall [Estelle Swaray] [UK] [B] Freak (Disco Fries Remix) [I can be a freak] [+M] []
Estelle Featuring Nas [UK] [A] Fall in Love (Seamus Haji Radio Edit, Cutmore Club Mix) [+M]
Example [Elliot Gleave] [UK] [A] Watch the Sun Come Up (Fred Falke Edit, Moam Remix) [M] []

Nicola Fasano vs. Ultra Nate [IT] [A] No Wasted Hearts (Original Radio Mix) []
Fawni [Stefanie Pschill] [AT] [B] Serious (Soul Junkie Radio Edit) [Curious] []
Fehrplay [Jonas von der Fehr] [NO] [A] Meow (Original Mix Edit) [I] []
Dennis Ferrer [A] Sinfonia della Notte [I] []
Fever Ray [Karin Dreijer-Andersson] [SE] [A] Seven (The Twelves Remix, RealDaniel Remix) [I know it] []
Brandon Flowers [A] Crossfire (David Morales Radio Edit, Chew Fu Friendly Fire Fix, Sound & Vision Remix) [Lay your body down] [M] []
Jasper Forks [Alex Christensen] [DE] [A] River Flows in You (Single MG Mix, Lasershow Pacific Mix) [I] []
Funkstar DeLuxe [Martin Ottesen] [DK] [A] Do You Feel (Original Radio Edit) [Like you need someone] []

Wolfgang Gartner [Joey Youngman] [A] Illmerica [I] []
Gathania [Gathania Holmgren] [SE] [A] Spinning (Radio Edit) [The world keeps spinning around you]
Cedric Gervais Featuring Second Sun [FR] Ready or Not (Radio Mix) [M] []
Girls Aloud [UK] [A] Untouchable (Radio Edit, Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) [And in my dreams it feels like we are 40 stories tall] []
Global Deejays Featuring Ida Corr [AT] [A] My Friend (Short Edit)
Goldfrapp [UK] [B] [C] Alive (Dave Aude Remix, Joakim Remix Edit) [I’m feeling alive again] []
Goldfrapp [UK] [A] Believer (Vince Clarke Remix) [I’m a believer in you now] []
Selena Gomez & The Scene [A] [C] A Year Without Rain (Starlab Radio Edit, Dave Aude Radio Edit, Happy Hot Dog Club Mix) []
Gorillaz [UK] [A] On Melancholy Hill (Radio Edit, AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix, Japanese Popstars Remix) [When you’re close to me] [M] []
Gorillaz Featuring Mos Def & Bobby Womack [UK] [A] Stylo (DJ Kofi Remix, Alex Metric Remix) [Overload/…/Electric is the love] [M] []
Gossip [A] Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix Radio Edit) [It’s a cruel world] []
Gossip [A] Love Long Distance (Radio Edit) []
Grum [Graeme Shepherd] [UK] [A] Can’t Shake This Feeling (Radio Edit, Grum Club Mix) []
Grum [UK] [A] Heartbeats (Radio Edit, Worship Remix, Joe & Will Ask Remix) [M] []
David Guetta Featuring Kelly Rowland [FR] [A] It’s the Way You Love Me [It’s the way you move me] []
David Guetta & Afrojack Featuring Niles Mason [Nick van de Wall] [FR/NL] [A] Louder Than Words [M] []
Guru Josh & DJ Igor Blaska Featuring Kym Mazelle [Paul Walden] [UK/SK?] [A] Eternity (Radio Edit, Rivaz Radio Mix) [Can you feel it now] []

Carol Hahn [A] Into the Night (VisionX Radio Edit) [Love, love]
Haley [Haley Gibby] [A] Physical [It’s only physical] []
Hannah [Hannah Ild] [EE] [A] Shadow on the Wall (Riffs & Rays Club Mix) [It was you] []
Duane Harden Presents Moises Modesto [A] Free Your Soul (David May & Marquito Radio Edit, Yves LaRock Radio Edit) [M] []
Hot Chip [UK] [A] I Feel Better [I only want one life] [M] []

In-Grid [Ingrid Alberini] [IT] [A] Stick to You (Radio Edit) []
Inna [Elena Apostoleanu] [RO] [B] Amazing (Radio Version, Almighty Radio Edit, Play & Win Club Version, Buzz Junkies Mix) [Why you’re looking like that] []
Ray Isaac [AU] [A] U Want or U Don’t (Lil’ Ray Original Radio Edit, GrooveshakerZ Radio Edit, Alexdoparis Radio Edit) [M] []
Iyaz [Keidran Jones] [VG] [A] So Big (Liam Keegan Remix) [My love for you] [M]

Samantha James [A] Waves of Change (Kaskade Remix Radio Edit) [Be my strength]
Erika Jayne Pretty Mess* (Dave Aude Radio Edit) []
JJ [SE] [A] Let Go (Dark Intensity Remix) [Let the wind blow] []
J-Lo [Jennifer Lopez] [C] Louboutins (Jody den Broeder & Warren Rigg Radio Edit, Moto Blanco Radio Edit) [Part-time lover]
Camille Jones [DK] [A] The Truth (Radio Edit, 7th Heaven Radio Mix) [Never runs away] []

Kafani Featuring Bobby V [Amir Rashad] [A] Tipsy Texting (Remix) [M]
John Kano [A] Memories in My Mind (Original Radio Mix, Rivaz Radio Remix) [M]
Kid Sister Featuring Cee-Lo [Melisa Young] [A] Daydreaming (Radio Edit, Jakwob Remix, Helsinki 78-82 Remix, Caribbean Airways Mix, Telephoned Dreams Remix, Style of Eye Remix) [Like I’m daydreaming again] [+M] []
K’Naan [Keinan Warsame] [CA] [A] Wavin’ Flag (Celebration Mix) [And then it goes back] [M] []
Kristine W Featuring Big Daddy Kane [Kristine Weitz] [A] The Power of Music* (Wideboys Stadium Radio Mix, Groove Police Big Daddy Radio Mix) [+M] []

La Roux [UK] [B] [C] In for the Kill (Radio Edit, Tim Bran Radio Remix, Dean Coleman & Nima Nas Radio Edit, Razor and Guido Radio Edit, Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix, Twelves Remix, Skrillex Remix, Lifelike Remix) []
Larrakin [NL] [A] Breaking Love (Original Radio Mix) []
Lasgo [BE] [B] Lost (Radio Edit, Jordy Lishious Remix) [Leave me alone] []
Lasgo [BE] [B] Over You (Radio Edit) [You know I don’t need your love] []
Late Night Alumni [A] You Can Be the One []
Fedde Le Grand, Funkerman & Dany P-Jazz [Ardie van Beek/Daniel Paris Gonzalez] [NL] [A] New Life (Radio Edit) [I was born again tonight] []
Kim Leoni [NL] [B] Emergency (Original Radio Mix, Subgroover Edit) [How can I go on] []
Lolene [Lolene Everett] [UK] [B] Rich (Fake It Til You Make It) (Static Revenger Mix Radio Edit)
Loverush UK! Featuring Carla Werner [UK] Give Me Your Love (Matt Lange Radio Edit, Timothy Allan Radio Edit, Alex M.O.R.P.H. Radio Edit) [Walking back to you] []
Ludacris [Chris Bridges] [B] How Low (DJ Frank E Short Mix) [Can you go] [M]
Adrian Lux [Prinz Adrian Hynne] [SE] Can’t Sleep (Radio Edit) [When the sun goes down] []

Mademoiselle Luna [BE] Want You to Be Mine (Nando Fortunato Remix Edit, Vince Ruff Remix) []
Madonna Featuring Akon [Madonna Ciccone] [A] Celebration* [Everybody wants to party with you] [+M]
Myah Marie [A] Chemistry (Radio Edit) [What I want] []
Kaylah Marin [A] [C] On the Floor (Oh Baby Please)* (Tracy Young Radio, Josh Harris Radio) [Let it all go]
Leighton Meester Featuring Robin Thicke [A] Somebody to Love [Je t’adore] [+M] []
Megara vs. DJ Lee [Nils Karsten] [DE] [A] NYC (Single Mix) [I] []
M.I.A. [Mathangi Arulpragasam] [UK] [A] XXXO* [You want me be somebody who I’m really not] []
Justin Michael & Kemal [Kemal Golden] [B] Her World Goes On (Original Radio Edit, Digital Freq Radio Edit) [M] []
Mika [Michael Penniman] [UK] [A] Rain (Seamus Haji Big Room Remix) [More than this] [M] []
Milk Inc. [BE] [A] Storm (Radio Edit, Vinss-T Arousal Mix - Single Edit, Dizkodude Remix) [I’m lost in the storm] []
Cynthia Miller [A] Deny You (Bogle Radio Edit, Majik Boys Radio Edit) []
Michael Mind [Jens Kindervater] [DE] [A] Gotta Let You Go (Radio Edit, Dutch Mix) [No more sleepless nights] [+M] []
MizzNina Featuring Colby O’Donis [Shazrina Azman] [MY] [A] What You Waiting For [Baby, I’ve never seen someone with your body] [+M] []
Mohombi [Mohombi Moupondo] [SE] [A] Bumpy Ride (Radio Edit, Chuckie Remix) [Boom bang bang] [M] []
Molella Featuring Alessia [Maurizio Molella] [IT] [A] [B] Paradise (Molella & Jerma Radio) [If you wanna come with me] []
Tony Moran & Ultra Nate [Ultra Nate Wyche] [A] [B] [C] Destination (Short New Era Radio Pop Mix, WAWA Mix) [When you get there]
Mike Moreno & Alberto Gabilan Featuring Nicole Tyler [ES?] Kiss It Better (Vocal 5M Radio Mix)
M.P. Sound Project Featuring Monica Harem [Massimo Padovani] [IT] [A] Fable (M.P. Radio) [I can’t forget] []
Mumford & Sons [UK] [A] Little Lion Man (Djabo Lorel Remix) [I really f**ked it up this time] [M] []
Muse [UK] [A] Undisclosed Desires (Thin White Duke Remix Edit, Sunhize Remix, Fixd Naked Remix) [I want to exorcise the demons from your past] [M] []

Newsboys [AU] [A] Way Beyond Myself (Romeyboy Club Mix) [M] []
LinZee Nicole [A] Boy Crazy [Boys are like candy]
Noferini & Marini vs. Sylvia Tosun [Stefano Noferini & Matteo Marini] [IT] [C] Push N Pull (Original Radio Edit, Trevor Simpson & Jared-F Radio Edit) [It’s pushing me under/It’s pulling me over] []

One eskimO [vs. Candi Staton] [UK] [A] Kandi (Cicada Vocal Mix) [He called me baby] [+M] []
Ou Est le Swimming Pool [UK] [A] Dance the Way I Feel (Blue Eyed Boy Remix) [M] []

Passion Pit [Michael Angelakos] [B] Little Secrets (Felix da Housecat Radio Edit, Mike Rizzo Radio Edit, Smash Mode Radio Edit) [Higher] [M] []
Pet Shop Boys [UK] [A] My Girl (Our House Mix) [Why can’t she see] [M] [
Pet Shop Boys [UK] [A] Viva la Vida/Domino Dancing [When I ruled the world] [M] [
PH Electro [Paul Hutsch] [DE] [A] Englishman in New York (Radio Edit, DJs From Mars Radio Edit) [M] []
Phoenix [FR] [A] Lisztomania (Classixx Remix, Alex Metric Remix, Holy Ghost! Loves Paris Remixomania) [Think less but see it grow] [M]
Phoenix [FR] [A] 1901 (Build Remix, Immuzikation Remix) [Fold it, fold it, fold it, fold it] [M] []
Federico Portale & Ivan Kay [Ivan Massoni] [IT] [A] My Dream (Radio Edit) [Music is my dream]
The Potbelleez [IE-AU] [A] Hello [Are you ready to go] [M] []
Lucas Prata [B] Gimme the Beat [M] []

The Ready Set [B] Love Like Woe (Digital Dog Radio Edit) [M]
Rihanna Featuring Slash [Rihanna Fenty] [BB] [C] Rockstar 101 (Chew Fu Teacher’s Pet Clean Edit)
Rikah [Merika Hunter] [CA] [B] Day After Day (De-Grees Remix Edit) [Night after night]
Robbie Rivera Featuring Adrian [PR] [A] Closer to the Sun (Radio Edit) [Lust for living] [M] []
Robbie Rivera Featuring Jerique Allan [PR] [A] We Live for the Music (Radio Edit, Tiesto Radio Edit, Fonzerelli Electronique Remix) [M] []
Giuseppe Roccasalvo Featuring Adam Clay [IT] [A] The Top [Do it some more] [M] []
Rosanna [Rosanna Eriksdotter-Munter] [SE] [A] Waterfall (Fear of Tigers Remix) [Finish what you started off now] []
Rubika [RU-UK] [A] Robots [Super shiny leather/…/Dance forever] []
Kate Ryan [Katrien Verbeeck] [BE] [A] Ella Elle L’a (UK Radio Edit, Bodybangers Remix) [You’ve got it] [+French] []

Sade [UK] [A] Soldier of Love (Jason B Rmx) []
Kelly Sajda [CA] [A] Give in to Me (Tee’s Radio Remix) [Or let me go] []
Sash! Featuring Jessy [DE] [A] All Is Love [Love is all you need] []
Alex Sayz Featuring Sibel [Alex Ghanati] [SE] [A] United As One (Radio Edit) []
Scissor Sisters [A] [B] [C] Fire With Fire (Digital Dog Radio Edit) [M] []
September [Petra Marklund] [SE] [A] Leave It All Behind (UK Radio Edit) [Take a little time]
7th Heaven Featuring Banderas [UK] [A] This Is Your Life (Chriss Ortega’s Classic Mix)
Shakira Featuring Freshlyground [Shakira Ripoll] [CO] [A] Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (Club Mix) []
Sharam Featuring Anousheh Khalili [Sharam Tayebi] [A] Don’t Say a Word… (Radio Edit)
Shiny Toy Guns [A] Rocketship 2010 [Leave it all behind] [M] []
Chris Shiva [?] [A] Children of the Time (Breaking of the Dawn Radio Edit, Indigo Remix) [M]
Jackie Siebert [A] Blackout in Wonderland* (Mike Bordes/Sam Michaels/KJ Original Radio, BBK Radio Mix, Mike Cruz Club Mix, Majik Boys Club Mix) [What should I do]
Bob Sinclar Featuring Sugarhill Gang [Christophe Le Friant] [FR] [A] Lala Song (Radio Edit) [Now somebody, anybody, everybody scream] [M] []
Steve Smooth Featuring Luvli [Steve Stanula] [A] So High (Radio Edit, Inphinity & Kalendr Remix) [I want your loving] []
Snow Patrol [UK] [A] Just Say Yes (Thin White Duke Remix, C-Level Remix) [M] []
Soho Spiv [Julian Jonah] [UK] [A] Sunscape (Radio Edit) [I] []
Sonique [Sonia Clarke] [UK] [A] World of Change (Radio Edit, Costi.ro Remix) [Everybody] []
Sono [DE] [A] Better (Original Radio Edit, Laurent Wolf Remix) [You make me wanna do it better] [M] []
Sosua & Mad [Michael Schunke & Mathias Dorfler] [DE] [A] Supaconstellation (Air Mix Original Radio Edit, P.I.P. Remix) [M] []
South Level [IT?] [A] Latin Dream (Radio Version) [Make me fly to the sky] [M]
Pamala Stanley [A] The Bank of Love (Manny Lehman Radio Edit, Zathan Radix MARZ Radio Edit) [Monopoly]
Donna Summer [Donna Gaines] [B] [C] To Paris With Love (WAWA Radio Edit, Craig C's Radio Blaster Remix, DJ DLG Remix, Eddie Amador Remix) [If you’re looking for love]
Sunfreakz Featuring Dawn Joseph [Tim Janssens] [BE] [A] My Love (Radio Edit) [Can’t you feel] []
Sunloverz Featuring Jamie Sparks [DE] [A] I Wanna Fly (Radio Edit, Michael Mind Project Radio Edit) [Spread my wings] [M]

Tegan & Sara [Tegan & Sara Quin] [CA] Alligator (Morgan Page Remix Edit, Hi-Deaf Remix, Automatic Panic Remix, VHS or Beta Remix, Josh Harris Club Remix, Kevin St. Croix Remix) [Over you] []
Keith Thompson & Maria Ilieva [US/BG] [A] Truly (Bassmonkeys Radio Mix) [You make my heart shine] [+M] []
Three 6 Mafia vs. Tiesto With Sean Kingston & Flo Rida [C] Feel It (Radio Edit) [Turn the music up] [M] []
Timbaland Featuring Katy Perry [Timothy Mosley] [A] [B] If We Ever Meet Again (Digital Dog Radio Remix) [I’ll never be the same] [+M] []
Tocadisco & Nadia Ali [Roman Boer] [DE/US] [A] Better Run (Radio Edit) [You don’t know what you’re in for]
Judy Torres [B] Stay (Radio Edit, Giuseppe D.’s Tune Adiks Radio Edit) [I’m down on my knees] []
Vinny Troia Featuring Jaidene Veda [A] Do for Love (Dave Aude Radio Edit) [Got a thing for you and I can’t let go] []
The Twelves [BR] [A] Works for Me [M] []

Uffie Featuring Pharrell [Anna-Catherine Hartley] [B] A.D.D. S.U.V. (Radio Edit, Armand van Helden Vocal Remix) [Schizophrenic, photogenic, psychogenic, hallucinogenic] [+M] []
Underworld [UK] [A] Always Loved a Film (Radio Edit, Amp Live Remix) [Heaven] [M] []
Underworld [UK] [A] Scribble (Radio Edit, Netsky Remix) [It’s okay] [M] []

Sander van Doorn [Sander Ketelaars] [NL] [A] Renegade (Radio Edit, Sean Truby Remix) [I] []
Vassy [Vasiliki Karagiorgos] [AU] [A] [B] History (Jump Smokers Remix, Killgore Remix) [Boy you messed up] []
Sandy Vee Featuring Robin S [Sandy Wilhelm] [FR] Straight to the Sky (Radio Edit)
Velvet [Jenny Pettersson] [SE] [A] My Destiny (Pitchline UK Edit)

Wamdue Project [A] King of My Castle ’09 (Rowald Steyn Radio Edit, Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest Radio Edit, Mischa Daniels 2 AM Remix) []
Dany Wild vs. DJ Skillmaster [Andreas Anschutz] [DE] [A] Holding On (Original Mix Edit, Jason Matthew & Cary August Single Edit, DJ TLX Remix Edit) [Don’t keep me holding on] [M] []
will.i.am & Nicki Minaj [vs. The Buggles] [William Adams/Onika Maraj] [B] Check It Out! (Tommie Sunshine 5 AM Edit) [+M] []
Robbie Williams [UK] [A] Bodies (Cahill Radio Mix) [Your Jesus really died for me/…/Bodies in the bodhi tree] [M] []

X-Press 2 Featuring James Yuill [UK] [A] Time (Riva Starr Remix) [Time in, time out] [M]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs [A] Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix Radio Edit) []


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